One does not usually associate the words “divorce” and “bliss” in the same sentence. Yet Dr. Walsh’s book “Post-Divorce Bliss” describes the excitement and transformation that can emerge from facing such an unwanted and unexpected event. She invites the reader to engage in provocative and probing questions that plumb the intricacies of the unsettling experiences that immediately follow a sudden rupture to one’s life. She knows firsthand the negative loop that one faces when dealing with the shock of ending one’s relationship and facing the task of rearranging their life directions and hopes after an unwanted divorce. Because she knows this terrain well, Dr. Walsh is always two steps ahead of the reader in supporting those various shaky transitions that such a journey demands. She counteracts each emerging negative and helpless perspective by expanding the reader’s world view, and points to the emerging perspectives that are on the cusp on showing itself. In addition she offers practical and life-giving strategies to support the transition into the new. Written in a straight forward, honest style, this book challenges the reader to move bravely through the fires of this life experience towards the spaciousness and brilliant life yet to be discovered.
Catherine Comuzzi, Ed.D. Cg. Psych Registered Psychotherapist
Jude helps you look back to analyze your marriage so you can better understand what went wrong, what you can learn, and how to come to peace with this painful, but necessary, transition from the world of a married couple to the world of your own emerging self. 
She helps women get through the divorce with body, mind, and spirit intact, and helps women use this life-changing, often traumatic, experience to heal themselves and to create a life based on self-acceptance, joy, and freedom.
Jed Diamond, Ph.D., therapist and best-selling author of My Distant Dad: Healing the Family Father Wound, The Enlightened Marriage: The 5 Transformative Stages of Relationship and Why the Best is Still to Come and Surviving Male Menopause: A Guide for Women and Men.
Jude is open and honest about her own experiences, creating a safe trusting place for those looking to heal and move forward. She offers guidance that feels natural and is effective. She is able to show understanding of different feelings and actions that you may be dealing with while offering solid guidance and support to allow you to finally find "you" and begin to thrive.
Michelle Z.
If you’re struggling with your writing practice, Jude Walsh can help you! For years, I’ve been struggling with a consistent writing practice. In short, I had none, despite my desire to have regular time set aside to write. It just didn’t seem possible to work my 9-to-5 job, do all the necessary adult things to keep the chaos at bay, and also get some writing done. Plus, I struggled with feelings of unworthiness about my writing. Any time that day-to-day life or work required more from me, my writing was always the first thing to get jettisoned in order to take care of business. I had no clue how to set up boundaries to protect my writing time from outside interference, much less how to nurture it. In just a few short hours, Jude helped me blast through the blocks that were holding me back. I’m currently on day thirteen of my new writing practice. It may not sound like much, but for someone who has never written more than three days in a row, to have consistent, sustained progress is an absolute game changer. And I can say with total confidence now that I AM A WRITER. What she has given me is so much more valuable than the price of her workshop. Do this for yourself. You deserve it!
Ann R
Jude Walsh knows what she’s talking about – and she expresses herself beautifully. This is a smart, important book written for the person who has no choice but to deal with life after divorce. It is filled with practical knowledge from an excellent coach and I highly recommend it!
Eric Maisel, Overcoming Your Difficult Family