Why Second Bloom?

One January day, I was seated at my dining room table. It was a beautiful sunny day in Dayton, Ohio and I was writing, planning the launch of my coaching practice. I had been coaching for years and was transitioning to online work and broadening my reach. I paused and looked up and spotted an amaryllis plant gifted me by a dear friend in December. It had bloomed quite beautifully at Christmas, a rich vibrant red, and I had placed it near the window, waiting for it to die back so I could preserve the bulb. To my surprise and delight, a second stalk had emerged with a second bud. In that moment I knew the name of my business: Second Bloom. I work with mostly women who are recreating themselves and their lives post divorce or in response to a deep calling to do something different, to begin anew. That amaryllis plant was exactly like my clients. It had already been productive, already created some beauty but it was not done, it still had more to give. That second bloom on the plant was different from the first. The first grew rapidly, had a tall stalk, and a vibrant red flower. The second stalk was shorter, but had more green and a smaller, but fuller, bloom. I loved it! 

And Second Bloom coaching was born.

So why is your logo a dandelion as opposed to an amaryllis?

I took a picture of the amaryllis for inspiration but it was not a particularly artful shot. The taller stalk had withered and drooped over. The second bloom was vibrant but the combination of the two was not as visually inspiring as I would like. While on a walk, I took this photograph of a small dandelion patch.

Dandelions have two stages of flower. The first is the well known yellow bloom. That morphs into the second stage, a delicate white cloud filled with seeds.

Those seeds are transported by the wind and create many, many new plants. They look fragile but are exactly right for the journey.


I loved this photograph because the first and second blooms are side by side, reminding me that life renews itself so beautifully. So the dandelion, also known as the Irish Daisy, seemed just right for me.

Here is the Resulting Logo!


I hold all the people I work with close to my heart, pleased that I can help them scatter their seeds: knowledge, wisdom, skills, beauty, and love into the world.